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6/16/14 & 6/17/14 – Pitches

I’ve already explained send-outs and how we do them, but before we get any emails for send-outs, we have to pitch the product.

So they way this usually works is the agency will get a budget from the client for a year. This budget is what the agency will tap into for everything from the shipping costs on send-outs to the venue for an event.

The client will send us (a usually pretty large amount) of their product, and we will use part of the budget to ship their product out to beauty bloggers and different media outlets like magazines.

In order to know who to send the product out to, we will check the editorial calendars of magazines (my job to find and print all of them) and look forward about two to three months to the stories that will be written. So for example, we would check calendars for Father’s Day stories back in April-ish and pitch our products that are “a good fit for dad” to the magazines then.

These pitches usually involve 3-10 products and can be anything from one brand’s new launches for that year to a pitch with one product each from multiple brands for a specific purpose, like sun care.

I wrote my first pitch this week and it received a solid number of follow-up emails stating that the editor would love to try the product. So then it was my job to go in the product closet and grab them, bubble wrap them, print out the fact sheets (so the editor has all the details for the product when they write the story) and ship them out all over the country.

I wrote three more pitches that day and my supervisor said they all did pretty well. I’m excited for the opportunity to write more and get more creative, now that I know what they’re expecting from me a little more.

This week was also very cool in terms of personal news because my older brother, who is a chef, just helped this other chef open a restaurant! We were able to attend (and eat crazily priced food for free!) on Sunday for “Friends and Family” which is kind of like a soft opening for the place, which helped them work out kinks in the service later.

My dad was happy because it was Father’s Day so he got to do something pretty cool and see all of his son’s hard work pay off. It’s called “Meadowsweet” and is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

IMG_8706 IMG_8708

Aforementioned excited dad, and my younger brother who was gutsy and tried the octopus:


The “snack” for the table (fried artichoke with arugula and parmesan–SO GOOD) and my appetizer (raviollo with pea shoots in a parmesan broth):

IMG_8711 IMG_8716


Forgot to take a photo of my entree, but it was this outrageous tender chicken with a whole bunch of other things in it, and my dessert was a chocolate semifreddo (basically a fudge-sickle) with fried rice crispies and some kind of Mexican milk. Soooooo good.


And we took a little tour of the kitchen and met the owner to finish off the night!


New York can be pretty cool sometimes.