6/2/14 & 6/3/14


My week started off interestingly enough with this giant inflatable rat hanging out in front of where I work. Still have no idea why it was there, but I feel like a lot of things like this happen in this city — weird and seemingly pointless things, I mean.


I went on an errand first, then settled down for some office work for an event we were planning.


Each folder got a bio of one of the people associated with the company, an overview of the products the company offers, and two fact sheets: one for a product that is already out and one for the product the company just launched.


The event I helped set up for was more low-key than the first one I worked, though the location was phenomenal. Check out the view from the hotel we chose! I could have sat at that floor-to-ceiling window all day.


CMM chose this particular hotel because it matched the aesthetic of the product, which I thought was a very cool detail.





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