5/27/14 & 5/28/14

Due to Memorial Day, I decided to work Tuesday and Wednesday this week instead of the usual Monday and Tuesday.  My decision to work another day was well worth it–but more on that in my next post.

Tuesday was pretty average.  I did a lot of what seems to be usual tasks around the office.  One of the tasks that I’m told to do most often is send-outs.  What happens is my supervisor will give me these keys, which open the conference room and back room where all of our products are held.



She’ll usually print out an email or scribble the product names on a post-it and I’ll go in the product closets and pick whatever needs to be sent out.  This can be anywhere from one to six products, usually.   If they’re being sent anywhere around Manhattan, I place them in a purple CMM bag, place a label on them and call it in to RDS.



RDS is this service that we use that is basically mini UPS for moving packages and messages around Manhattan only. Anywhere that’s not Manhattan gets shipped through UPS in Express boxes, even Brooklyn (which surprised me since it’s only a tunnel or bridge away).

Products that are UPS bound get bubble wrapped and placed in their box with the fact sheets for each product to let the receiver of the package know what the product claims to do and what the ingredients are. This is an average day’s worth of send-outs. UPS conveniently comes by every day at 4 to pick them up. RDS comes in constantly, in and out, to pick up their packages.


We do send outs because they’re an easy way to get our clients into the media.  For example, say one of our clients has a tooth whitening product..  So if a magazine has on their editorial calendar online that they will be doing stories on tooth whitening in June, we will send them an email that pitches our product and they will let us know if they’re interested or not.  If they are, we send them the product (usually full size, not samples!) and if they like it, they will mention our product in their media outlet, whether it’s magazines, broadcast segments, radio broadcasts or blogs.  Since the client sends us boxes upon boxes of their products specifically for this purpose, it’s a fairly cost-efficient way to advertise their product without spending big bucks on ads.

Wednesday I worked a fantastically glamourous event that I unfortunately can’t give any details about. It was a product launch on the rooftop of a very ritzy hotel that was right up my alley. It was worth it to stay til Wednesday.


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