5/12/14 & 5/13/14


Monday was my first day interning at Creative Media Marketing in New York City. First, let me give you some background on the company so you know why I was thrilled to get this internship in the first place.

CMM is a mid-sized public relations firm in the very artsy neighborhood of SoHo. As a licensed beautician, I absolutely drooled when I saw their client list.

While many students find a suitable internship close to Wilkes in their chosen field, I am not as lucky due to the very specific niche I want to be in, so I had to think outside the box to find the perfect internship that would blend my love of PR with my love of beauty. I have definitely found it here with CMM.


When I went for my interview, my supervisor told me that CMM’s goal at the end of the day is to get their clients into the media. I spent my first day doing all of the little necessary tasks to assist them in that end goal.

One of my responsibilities as an intern is to unbox and organize our client’s products. There are about a dozen of these huge floor-to-ceiling closets placed around the two suites that CMM occupies in this building. In addition, they have an entire room dedicated to just products, generally referred to as “the back room”.

I was in heaven when I first walked in that room and saw a ton of brands that I use every day in the salon at home.

Overall, I had a fantastic first day at CMM.


Most of my day was spent writing emails and updating product placement lists for our clients, which basically means that if one of their products gets highlighted in the media (magazines, TV segments, radio broadcasts, online blogs) it’s my job to screenshot or scan it in and save it so we can send it to the client and they can see how we’ve helped them.

I also helped another lady I work with on an event that she is planning for one of her skincare clients. I helped with stuffing folders and making little hashtag cards that she is going to place on the tables to keep people talking online about the event.

I also made a little over 30 nametags and I was very impressed with the guest list, though I can’t mention any names.

Overall, my first week was a huge success. I felt like I got a semester’s worth of class lecture in fourteen hours of practical experience at my internship. I can only hope that I can continue to grow as a PR professional and have a fantastic time doing it.

Keep checking back every week for a new post about my adventure in the Big Apple!


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